event coupons

Product Update: Event Coupons

Event coupons are now available on Raklet. Create coupon codes to attract people.  Using online promo codes is easier than using paper coupons. Simply let your members know about the code and they just have to use that code on the payment page. Use these discount codes to get more participants for your events.   […]

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alumni engagement platform

Graduway Alternative: Raklet’s Alumni Portal

Raklet is an alternative to Graduway where alumni organizations use to manage their community. Both applications have many different functions such as membership management, publishing digital membership cards, organizing events and sending automated messages. Raklet offers unlimited member registration plus a 14 days trial period. Start your free trial now and try our all-in-one alumni […]

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Lingua-Parc Connects Language Exchange Enthusiasts with Raklet as a Community Software

The Lingua-Parc is a language exchange portal from Switzerland. It is powered by Swiss Language Teaching Network to encourage socializing while practicing new languages. New users join the community by creating a profile and after that, they can start talking with all other members. Lingua-Parc brings all its members together by using Raklet as their […]

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mobile app

How Left Handed Giant LHG published digital membership cards for 1500+ investors in less than a day?

Left Handed Giant -a brewpub from Bristol- started offering exclusive benefits to its investors with digital membership cards provided by Raklet. LHG also uses Raklet as a social network to allow all their users stay connected in one single platform. Left Handed Giant is one of the most highly rated breweries in the UK. They initiated […]

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What motivates non-profit volunteers?

People who support you without any expectations are your friends. What about people who support your non-profit association by taking responsibilities without any expectations?   One of the most important principles that survive your non-profit community is your volunteers. It is also your responsibility to make sure that they are happy. Let’s take a look […]

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