raklet payouts

Introducing Payouts! View and manage incoming bank transfer details on Raklet

Sell tickets for your events, sell subscriptions or get donations. Raklet collects any kind of payment for your organization. When you collect payments via Raklet, we send weekly payouts to your bank account. View all the details, export, save the invoice as PDF and print it. Collect the payments easily and safely with Raklet.




View Details of Payouts

As soon as a payout is processed into your bank account, you can go to your Raklet account and view the payout that contains a full breakdown of all transactions included.

Go to Administrator Panel. Click your photo on the left bottom corner and go to Billing > Payouts.

After a transaction is completed you’ll be able to view it in the Billing section on Raklet Administrator Panel with detailed information such as amount of payment, date of the transaction, payout ID and the bank account information.


raklet payouts


Once a payout has been processed into your bank account you will also have the option to View Details and see all breakdowns. It is possible to export this to CSV so that you can work on Excel or share it with your accounting team. Also, you can view the details of each donation/payment individually. You can see the name, paid amount, payment method, reference, project/campaign name and payment date of each transaction.


raklet payouts

Save and Print the Invoice of Payouts

When you view the payout overview, you will see the Invoice button on the top right corner. Click to view the invoice. You can also save it as a PDF file and print.


raklet payouts


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event coupons

Product Update: Event Coupons


Event coupons are now available on Raklet. Create coupon codes to attract people. 

Using online promo codes is easier than using paper coupons. Simply let your members know about the code and they just have to use that code on the payment page. Use these discount codes to get more participants for your events.


Why you should use event coupons?


  1. Sell more tickets and boost your business. Coupons increase the awareness about your events among all. 
  2. Save your time and money to promote your events. Measure the impact of your marketing efforts. Use coupons for different channels radio, online, paper, etc.
  3. People get to purchase event tickets at a discounted price. You can offer discounts and make people buy even though they weren’t interested before, for example, you can set an end date and create a code like “50% off only this weekend”.
  4. Easy and quick to create and use. It only takes seconds to create a code.


Create different types of coupons to engage more people. For example, you can create a coupon code for your loyal members. Offer them an exclusive discount code to appreciate their loyalty. Also, it’s a good idea to create an event coupon for non-members to get new subscribers!


event coupons


Go to Administrator Panel and create your event coupon just in seconds. You can set:

  • Coupon name
  • Coupon code
  • Discount Type (Percentage or fixed amount)
  • Amount
  • End date (Optional)
  • Max redemptions (Optional)


It is also possible to create even coupons by using Raklet’s mobile application. Learn more about our mobile app.


Don’t forget to inform your members after creating the code. They will use it on the payment page and complete the transaction with the discounted price.


event coupons


If you wish to learn more about how to increase event attendance using coupons, visit our help page.


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