raklet payouts

Introducing Payouts! View and manage incoming bank transfer details on Raklet

Sell tickets for your events, sell subscriptions or get donations. Raklet collects any kind of payment for your organization. When you collect payments via Raklet, we send weekly payouts to your bank account. View all the details, export, save the invoice as PDF and print it. Collect the payments easily and safely with Raklet.




View Details of Payouts

As soon as a payout is processed into your bank account, you can go to your Raklet account and view the payout that contains a full breakdown of all transactions included.

Go to Administrator Panel. Click your photo on the left bottom corner and go to Billing > Payouts.

After a transaction is completed you’ll be able to view it in the Billing section on Raklet Administrator Panel with detailed information such as amount of payment, date of the transaction, payout ID and the bank account information.


raklet payouts


Once a payout has been processed into your bank account you will also have the option to View Details and see all breakdowns. It is possible to export this to CSV so that you can work on Excel or share it with your accounting team. Also, you can view the details of each donation/payment individually. You can see the name, paid amount, payment method, reference, project/campaign name and payment date of each transaction.


raklet payouts

Save and Print the Invoice of Payouts

When you view the payout overview, you will see the Invoice button on the top right corner. Click to view the invoice. You can also save it as a PDF file and print.


raklet payouts


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küme cover

Raklet’s Alumni Portal Brings Koç University Alumni Together

Koç University, top private college in Turkey, brings their alumni together with Raklet’s alumni portal. Alumni can find and connect with others, send messages, view details of other alumni, hear about events, donate through the system, pay with a credit card and use other benefits. Members get notified when alumni-only events are happening around them. They can find their next career opportunity on the platform.


Updating the Profile, Finding Other Members and Paying Membership Fees


You can click on your name on the top right corner to access your profile. On this page you can update your work and education data, address, phone number and you can also upload a profile picture.


KÜME Raklet


Under the Connections section on the left column, you can find Members, Companies, Sectors, Schools, Cities, Countries, and Tags. You can filter the members and browse the pie charts.


KÜME RAKLETküme raklet



You can click on the Membership button on the left column to pay your membership fees.


KÜME Raklet

Announcements, Events, and Fundraising Campaigns

You can view all announcements and upcoming events under the Announcements section, it is also possible to get tickets for those events.


KÜME Raklet


KÜME Raklet


You can donate to fundraising campaigns under the Campaigns section.




Career Opportunities

Companies can post job ads in the Jobs section. Job seekers can upload their CVs to the platform.


iş arayanlar



Koç University brings its alumni together by using Raklet’s alumni portal. Create your free account now to use all features of Raklet.

digital membership cards

Digital Membership Card: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Classic plastic membership cards typically have the membership number, the name and a photo of the member. These plastic cards have to be printed and mailed to all members. This process costs extra money and time to your organization. But, do you really have to use plastic to publish membership cards? Now there is a much simpler solution: digital membership card.


Best for the Environment

Millions of plastic membership cards are published every year. Moreover, these cards have to be renewed annually. Publishing plastic membership cards and sending them to its owners is expensive and takes time. 

So why don’t we choose a cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly alternative? You can publish digital membership cards with Raklet just in seconds. Stop using physical membership cards and save the planet!


digital membership cards


Digital Membership Cards are User-Friendly

Everyone has a smartphone these days. There is no possibility to forget/lose a membership card when you have it in your pocket 24/7. Just open your Raklet account whenever you wish to use your digital membership card.

QR code scanning feature of Raklet makes it easy to use your digital membership card. For instance, you can see how a brewpub from Bristol uses Raklet in their business.

Raklet is multilingual. It means your members can access their digital membership cards in their own language. 

Your members can view their exclusive membership benefits from their phone at all times. This will allow them to use these benefits more frequently. 


digital membership card


Renewing the Membership 

Organizations can send a notification to their members when the membership is about to expire. The frequency of the automatic renewal notification can be customized. Your organization’s membership renewal rate will increase with these smart notifications.

In the digital world, digital membership cards are easy to use and customize. You can change the design of your digital membership card. Digital membership cards allow organizations to improve the membership experience quickly and easily, and most importantly, eco-friendly!


Create your free account now to publish digital membership cards in seconds and benefit from more features provided by Raklet.


Learn how to publish digital membership cards with Raklet.



Lingua-Parc Connects Language Exchange Enthusiasts with Raklet as a Community Software

The Lingua-Parc is a language exchange portal from Switzerland. It is powered by Swiss Language Teaching Network to encourage socializing while practicing new languages. New users join the community by creating a profile and after that, they can start talking with all other members. Lingua-Parc brings all its members together by using Raklet as their community software. 


The main objective of Raklet’s community software is to create a secure platform for Lingua-Parc. Members can send messages without privacy concerns. After that, they can decide to share information or meet offline. You can be a member of Lingua-Parc and start exchanging languages from here.


Raklet Community Software

Raklet Community Software

How to edit your profile on the community software?

First, you have to create an account. After that, you can start editing your profile. It is important to upload a profile photo because it’s essential to see it before sending a message. Then you can add more information to your profile such as country, city, native language(s) and the language(s) that you want to practice. Also, you can add a summary that you mention about your hobbies, your personality and why you want to learn that language. 


Raklet Community Software


Finding members

You can see the list of members by clicking on the Members on the left side of the portal. You will see their names, profile photos, their profile summary, country, city and languages. Click on the names and learn more about people. It is possible to browse various pie-charts that represents tags such as countries, cities and native language. You can filter members by simply clicking on these tags. 


Raklet Community Software

Raklet Community Software



Messaging on the community software

You should open the profile of the member that you want to send a message. You can find the blue button to send a message just under the name. After you send the first message the recipient will be notified via email. They can log in to the Lingua-Parc portal to answer you. When you are in the portal you can find the message icon next to your photo on the right top corner. Click there to browse all your messages and check if you have new ones. On that page, you can also click on the green button to send a new message. The portal will ask you whom you want to send the message. 


Raklet Community Software


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