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Product Update: Event Coupons


Event coupons are now available on Raklet. Create coupon codes to attract people. 

Using online promo codes is easier than using paper coupons. Simply let your members know about the code and they just have to use that code on the payment page. Use these discount codes to get more participants for your events.


Why you should use event coupons?


  1. Sell more tickets and boost your business. Coupons increase the awareness about your events among all. 
  2. Save your time and money to promote your events. Measure the impact of your marketing efforts. Use coupons for different channels radio, online, paper, etc.
  3. People get to purchase event tickets at a discounted price. You can offer discounts and make people buy even though they weren’t interested before, for example, you can set an end date and create a code like “50% off only this weekend”.
  4. Easy and quick to create and use. It only takes seconds to create a code.


Create different types of coupons to engage more people. For example, you can create a coupon code for your loyal members. Offer them an exclusive discount code to appreciate their loyalty. Also, it’s a good idea to create an event coupon for non-members to get new subscribers!


event coupons


Go to Administrator Panel and create your event coupon just in seconds. You can set:

  • Coupon name
  • Coupon code
  • Discount Type (Percentage or fixed amount)
  • Amount
  • End date (Optional)
  • Max redemptions (Optional)


It is also possible to create even coupons by using Raklet’s mobile application. Learn more about our mobile app.


Don’t forget to inform your members after creating the code. They will use it on the payment page and complete the transaction with the discounted price.


event coupons


If you wish to learn more about how to increase event attendance using coupons, visit our help page.


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digital membership cards

Digital Membership Card: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Classic plastic membership cards typically have the membership number, the name and a photo of the member. These plastic cards have to be printed and mailed to all members. This process costs extra money and time to your organization. But, do you really have to use plastic to publish membership cards? Now there is a much simpler solution: digital membership card.


Best for the Environment

Millions of plastic membership cards are published every year. Moreover, these cards have to be renewed annually. Publishing plastic membership cards and sending them to its owners is expensive and takes time. 

So why don’t we choose a cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly alternative? You can publish digital membership cards with Raklet just in seconds. Stop using physical membership cards and save the planet!


digital membership cards


Digital Membership Cards are User-Friendly

Everyone has a smartphone these days. There is no possibility to forget/lose a membership card when you have it in your pocket 24/7. Just open your Raklet account whenever you wish to use your digital membership card.

QR code scanning feature of Raklet makes it easy to use your digital membership card. For instance, you can see how a brewpub from Bristol uses Raklet in their business.

Raklet is multilingual. It means your members can access their digital membership cards in their own language. 

Your members can view their exclusive membership benefits from their phone at all times. This will allow them to use these benefits more frequently. 


digital membership card


Renewing the Membership 

Organizations can send a notification to their members when the membership is about to expire. The frequency of the automatic renewal notification can be customized. Your organization’s membership renewal rate will increase with these smart notifications.

In the digital world, digital membership cards are easy to use and customize. You can change the design of your digital membership card. Digital membership cards allow organizations to improve the membership experience quickly and easily, and most importantly, eco-friendly!


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Learn how to publish digital membership cards with Raklet.


Digital Membership Card on Raklet Mobile App

Raklet Mobile App for Membership Management is now available for iOS and Android

First of all, as Raklet, we understand that connecting members is one of the biggest problems that organizations have. We have a solution with our brand new mobile membership management application. Your members will be connected all the time from everywhere. 

Raklet Mobile App is launched! Now it is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store. Most organizations find that the best way to start their members using the app is to send them an email. You can inform them and let them know how to download it with the mail. Include the links below in the mail, which will take them directly to download the app.    



What can you do with Raklet’s Mobile Membership Management Application?

You can now use all the features of Raklet from your mobile devices.

As a member, you can:

  • Connect with other members by their location, work or educational background
  • Discover all your community events and never miss an event
  • Manage membership cards & perks
  • Message to individuals or start group discussions
  • Find your next career opportunity by with the job seekers section
  • Make donations with ease

For admins, Raklet is an all-in-one community management platform. Raklet helps you to build brand engagement and opportunities. It is easy to set up and it can be customized to match your colors. You can:

  • Organize and enrich your member database with Raklet CRM
  • Build unlimited custom forms and pages 
  • Communicate via the mobile app, text or email 
  • Collect payments online (product & ticket sales, membership fees, donations, subscriptions and more)
  • Make event management easy with scheduling, invitations, and easy follow ups
  • Stay informed with smart analytics


Membership Management Mobile Application of Raklet


Raklet also allows you to publish thousands of digital membership cards just in seconds. QR code scanning feature of Raklet’s mobile membership management application makes it easy to use your digital membership card. For instance, you can see how a brewpub from Bristol uses our mobile application in their business.

Your Own Branded Mobile Membership Management Application

Besides Raklet mobile app itself, we offer a special service that allows you to have your own branded mobile app. Your mobile membership management application can be customized as the way you want. Furthermore, your members can download your organization’s own branded membership application. It will be available on both App Store and Google Play Store.


Digital Membership Card on Raklet Mobile App
Digital Membership Card on Raklet Mobile App

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mobile app

How Left Handed Giant LHG published digital membership cards for 1500+ investors in less than a day?

Left Handed Giant -a brewpub from Bristol- started offering exclusive benefits to its investors with digital membership cards provided by Raklet. LHG also uses Raklet as a social network to allow all their users stay connected in one single platform.

Left Handed Giant is one of the most highly rated breweries in the UK. They initiated a fundraising campaign with the target of £450.000 in order to open their own Brewpub in Bristol. Eventually more than 1400 investors supported the idea and they gathered more than £1M.

LHG Digital Membership Cards
The fundraising campaign on Crowdcube

It is also possible to fundraise, keep donors updated along the way and boost your donations with Raklet. Learn more  


Digital Membership Cards

Left Handed Giant offers various advantages to its investors such as discount on beer and food, discount on merchandise, free beer on birthday and invitation to private parties.

LHG uses Raklet to provide different digital membership cards to its investors according to how much they donated. Investors can download the Raklet app and access their digital membership card. They can benefit from the discount and other exclusive perks by simply scanning the QR code from their smartphones. 

mobile app
Digital Membership Cards on Raklet Mobile App


A Branded Social Network

Raklet not only provides a digital membership card but also creates a social network for the investors of Left Handed Giant where all beer enthusiasts engage, share and stay connected. They get to know about all the news and announcements. All the users can send messages to each other from the application. They can let others know where they live and what they do by updating their profile. Also, it is possible to let the others know which beer is their favourite. All these features make Raklet a sharing platform!

Left Handed Giant Social Network on Raklet
Left Handed Giant Social Network on Raklet

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