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Product Update: Event Coupons


Event coupons are now available on Raklet. Create coupon codes to attract people. 

Using online promo codes is easier than using paper coupons. Simply let your members know about the code and they just have to use that code on the payment page. Use these discount codes to get more participants for your events.


Why you should use event coupons?


  1. Sell more tickets and boost your business. Coupons increase the awareness about your events among all. 
  2. Save your time and money to promote your events. Measure the impact of your marketing efforts. Use coupons for different channels radio, online, paper, etc.
  3. People get to purchase event tickets at a discounted price. You can offer discounts and make people buy even though they weren’t interested before, for example, you can set an end date and create a code like “50% off only this weekend”.
  4. Easy and quick to create and use. It only takes seconds to create a code.


Create different types of coupons to engage more people. For example, you can create a coupon code for your loyal members. Offer them an exclusive discount code to appreciate their loyalty. Also, it’s a good idea to create an event coupon for non-members to get new subscribers!


event coupons


Go to Administrator Panel and create your event coupon just in seconds. You can set:

  • Coupon name
  • Coupon code
  • Discount Type (Percentage or fixed amount)
  • Amount
  • End date (Optional)
  • Max redemptions (Optional)


It is also possible to create even coupons by using Raklet’s mobile application. Learn more about our mobile app.


Don’t forget to inform your members after creating the code. They will use it on the payment page and complete the transaction with the discounted price.


event coupons


If you wish to learn more about how to increase event attendance using coupons, visit our help page.


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Digital Membership Card on Raklet Mobile App

Raklet Mobile App for Membership Management is now available for iOS and Android

First of all, as Raklet, we understand that connecting members is one of the biggest problems that organizations have. We have a solution with our brand new mobile membership management application. Your members will be connected all the time from everywhere. 

Raklet Mobile App is launched! Now it is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store. Most organizations find that the best way to start their members using the app is to send them an email. You can inform them and let them know how to download it with the mail. Include the links below in the mail, which will take them directly to download the app.    



What can you do with Raklet’s Mobile Membership Management Application?

You can now use all the features of Raklet from your mobile devices.

As a member, you can:

  • Connect with other members by their location, work or educational background
  • Discover all your community events and never miss an event
  • Manage membership cards & perks
  • Message to individuals or start group discussions
  • Find your next career opportunity by with the job seekers section
  • Make donations with ease

For admins, Raklet is an all-in-one community management platform. Raklet helps you to build brand engagement and opportunities. It is easy to set up and it can be customized to match your colors. You can:

  • Organize and enrich your member database with Raklet CRM
  • Build unlimited custom forms and pages 
  • Communicate via the mobile app, text or email 
  • Collect payments online (product & ticket sales, membership fees, donations, subscriptions and more)
  • Make event management easy with scheduling, invitations, and easy follow ups
  • Stay informed with smart analytics


Membership Management Mobile Application of Raklet


Raklet also allows you to publish thousands of digital membership cards just in seconds. QR code scanning feature of Raklet’s mobile membership management application makes it easy to use your digital membership card. For instance, you can see how a brewpub from Bristol uses our mobile application in their business.

Your Own Branded Mobile Membership Management Application

Besides Raklet mobile app itself, we offer a special service that allows you to have your own branded mobile app. Your mobile membership management application can be customized as the way you want. Furthermore, your members can download your organization’s own branded membership application. It will be available on both App Store and Google Play Store.


Digital Membership Card on Raklet Mobile App
Digital Membership Card on Raklet Mobile App

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Raklet At the Largest Social Technology Conference in Poland: Sektor 3.0 Festival

Raklet took part in The Sektor 3.0 Festival, the largest event in Poland regarding the use of new technologies in socially useful activities!

Today, the necessity of integrating new technologies in socially useful activities is obvious. The Sektor 3.0 festival which has been organized periodically since 2011, aims to raise awareness in the non-profit organizations about the benefits and opportunities associated with the effective use of the latest technologies. As a result, organizations function more efficiently, reach more people, and their experiences related to new technologies inspire others to operate more effectively.

This year, our founder Gerçek Karakuş was among the speakers of the event which brought together people from 13 countries and visited by 800+ people within two days. We had the opportunity to present Raklet to the people including representatives of non-profit organizations from all over the world.

So, how Raklet can help you to manage your organization more efficiently? Let’s take a closer look at it:

  • All your database (your members, volunteers, event participants, donors, sponsors) is located on the same platform. You don’t have to export/ import your data between standalone tools. You can easily categorize all these people according to the criteria that you define.
  • Based on your categories, you can manage all your communication process via emails or SMS and take your delivery reports.
  • You can collect your payments online and keep track of them. It is possible to create public donation campaigns and automatize all the payment process for regular donations.
  • You, your teammates or volunteers can log in the platform from everywhere. There is no time or space limitation. So, you can use the platform while you are working in the field for example.
  • Organizing your events is not difficult at all. You can easily sell your tickets or track your attendees.

Raklet is with you along the way in order to help you to empower your organization and community.

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Raklet: The Rising Star of the Community Management Platforms!

Raklet Earns Great User Experience and Rising Star Distinctions for Community Management Software from Platform for Software Reviews

Reputed software directory FinancesOnline affirmed that Raklet is indeed a must-have platform for organizations seeking to easily manage members, efficiently manage communications, and effectively maximize monetization of the community. Alongside a positive written review and rating as well as inclusion in their FinancesOnline.com comparison of top event management tools, Raklet also received their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018. The former industry award is given to software solutions that provide an especially pleasing user experience, while the latter distinguishes solutions that have made a mark in the industry due to a notable increase in popularity alongside positive user feedback.

Raklet earned the Great User Experience for the best event management software award due to its ease of use in performing administrative functions, including managing events and fundraisers, member engagement and empowerment through forums and discussions, and easy collection of donations and payments. In a nutshell, Raklet allows users to automate all these processes so you can easily grow your community and reap the profits.

Here are a few highlights from FinancesOnline’s review:

  • Centralized database for member information “makes it easy for you and your members to access and update information without worrying about security.”
  • Timeline format for member interaction allows users to easily keep on track of their activities.
  • Because Raklet gathers applicant data upon receipt of application forms, users can easily filter through applicants.
  • Automated renewals remove the chore of following up on membership payments.
  • “Fast, easy, and secure” internal communication channel. “There is basically no need for a third-party messaging app to communicate and reach out to your members.”

Make sure to check FinancesOnline’s write-up for the full review.

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Raklet in the Largest Technology Conference of Europe: Web Summit Lisbon!

Following Techstars investment, Raklet continues to widen its activity area as a global community management platform: we were at the Web Summit Lisbon, November 7-10, meeting with internet technology leaders.

Since 2010, Web Summit aims to bring together startups from all over the world and the most influential people in the technology sector. As the largest technology conference in Europe, the event has welcomed this year more than 50.000 participants, 15.000 companies, and 7.000 CEOs. Raklet was one of the attending startups for experience & knowledge sharing.


Following the Microsoft Ventures and TechStars Accelerator programs in Berlin, Raklet has again found the opportunity to develop its know-how by getting feedbacks from the most experienced people in the sector at the Web Summit. The names of the most successful companies like Soundcloud, Booking.com, Spotify and Amazon were among the speakers of this year.

Raklet is with Leo de Luna, the MD at Microsoft Ventures with +17 years experience in Venture Capital in CA.

With its growing best-practice knowledge, Raklet continues to improve itself. Today, it is used by more than 1000 organizations and 150.000 users from more than 60 countries.

We continue to work to empower communities. Thank you for your support in our journey.

Raklet is Among the Top 10 Startups at the BDLA 2016!

Raklet, a global community management platform, has met in Beirut with the leaders of the innovation industry on the occasion of BDL Accelerate 2016 and has been selected among the top 10 startups.

Organized since Novembre 2014 with the leadership of Banque du Liban, BDL Accelerate is the most inclusive innovation conference of the Mediterranean and MENA region. This year Raklet was of the participants of the conference held on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of November.

go%cc%88nen-eren The aim of the event is to increase knowledge and experience shared between leaders of innovation sector, investors, and startups. Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), Renaud Visagea (Co-founder of Eventbrite) and the representatives of leading technology medias like TechCrunch were among the speakers of this year.

BDL Accelerator also organizes a competition which allows startups to present their projects to investors. Raklet has been selected among the top 10 up-and- coming startups within this competition.

With our experience and the feedback that we get from the sector leaders, we continue to work without slowing down. We will continue to inform you about the new developments.

Presentation of the Microsoft Accelerator’s Berlin Demo Day by TechCrunch

Raklet is one of the 8 startups in Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin. Here is the Techcrunch post about the Demo Day.

“TechCrunch is pleased to bring you Microsoft Accelerator’s Berlin Demo Day on June 29th.

The Microsoft Accelerator is an immersive three- to six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs get through the challenges of building a company, finding customers and scaling to global markets. There are seven accelerators located around the world, from Seattle to Beijing, from Berlin to Tel-Aviv. Programs have a focus on enterprise startups; this event in Berlin showcases tools for non-profits to rehabilitation therapy to music monetization.”  Read more…



Raklet is Now Part of Techstars!

Raklet, a community management platform based in Istanbul  has been accepted to the Techstars Berlin, one of the most recognized accelerator programs in the world.

Raklet,  a community management platform  is now part of Techstars and will be granted an investment of $120.000. Prior to Techstars, Raklet was one of 8 start-ups accepted to Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin program in March 2016 by being selected among 420 startups.

Raklet is now used by more than 400 organizations and is shown among the most promising start-ups by various  accelerator programs.  Microsoft Ventures Accelerator  program will grant Raklet technological support of $500.000. During the program, Raklet has doubled its growth. The program will end with a demo day on June 29th, which the participants will make presentations to a group of investors.  Raklet will continue to improve itself from Berlin in Techstars 2016 Accelerator Program family.

Techstars, founded in 2006 in the United States, is known as one of the most efficient accelerator programs in the world. Raklet achieved  to be one of the 10 selected start-ups among 700 candidates.

We are looking forward to updating you with our new achievements.

Raklet is one of the 8 startups in Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin!

Focusing on promising startups or first-time entrepreneurs, the Accelerator is an immersive program designed to build great startups. During the 4-month program, startups will have access to top-notch mentorship, technical training and support, and the opportunity to network with angel investors, venture capitalists, Microsoft executives, local media, and industry experts.

Raklet is one of the 8 teams selected to the program! Continue reading.

Eight start-ups from four countries: New class in Microsoft Accelerator

Just in time for the spring start, eight start-ups from Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain have moved into the Microsoft Accelerator in the heart of Berlin. The participants of the fifth grade have been selected from over 400 applications and will work intensively on their ideas, products, technology and business models for four months. They are supported by an on-the-ground team and a network of external mentors, partners, and experts.

Raklet is a cloud-based platform for associations and non-profit organizations and one of these eight start-ups selected to the program. The platform enables the creation of private social networks, as well as an integrated CRM tool for managing your own communities. Read more