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Electronic Business Card Guide: What, Why, and How? (2022)

Read this article to explore what electronic business cards are, why other businesses are making the switch, and how they can help grow your business.
electronic business card guide

Did you realize fewer and fewer people are handing out their cards to you? That is because, nowadays, electronic business cards are rapidly replacing the traditional paper ones. This change seems pretty obvious considering the technological age we live in, but what exactly is the reason for this? Read this article to explore what electronic business cards are, how they can help your organization grow, and why other businesses are making the switch.

What is an Electronic Business Card? 

Electronic business cards, also called digital or virtual business cards, are a digitized version of the physical ones. They are used by a variety of different organizations, including corporations, membership communities, freelancers, and more. 

What Can Electronic Business Cards Do?

Most electronic cards showcase the most basic and vital information about someone’s membership or employment status. 

An example museum membership card, courtesy of Cuseum.

There are some things that almost all effective business cards commonly include. Some of these are: 

  • A customizable color scheme & visual editor 
  • Member name & surname
  • Business logo & name 
  • Member photo 
  • Membership ID
  • Contact information
  • Membership type/tier
  • A built-in scannable QR code 

Of course, you can manage these however you want. Some prefer to have very simple cards with only the logo, member name, and photo on them. Meanwhile, others choose to include more complex and custom information specific to their organization. You can pick and choose and customize these fields, as well as add new ones — it’s completely up to you.   

Why You Should Use an Electronic Business Card

Here are 3 of the most vital reasons why you should use an electronic card for your business or organization: 

1- They’re convenient: 

One of the biggest benefits of using an electronic business card is that it’s extremely convenient and easy to use. Instead of having to carry around paper cards in your wallet, you can add your digital card to your mobile device with a few taps (usually through a branded mobile app provided by the software). In addition, electronic cards can usually be added to your wallet app of choice. This way, your card will be accessible to you at all times, whenever and wherever.

Another additional convenience of electronic cards is that, most of the time, they can collect data. With a built-in QR code or barcode, other members of your organization can scan your card and reach your member information on the go. This can be used to easily check in to events at the door, or to activate special membership perks/discounts in places you have made promotion deals with.  

2- They’re eco-friendly: 

Sustainability is another reason why you should choose digital cards. With regular ones, you need to print new paper cards every time a new member joins your organization. They might need more copies, their info needs to be updated, etc. This causes a huge amount of paper waste. It also wastes plastic, which is usually used for PVC lamination. By making the switch to digital cards, you can completely eliminate this excessive use of physical resources. Take a huge step towards being more eco-friendly in your business with digital cards. 

If you want to learn in detail about the sustainability of digital cards, check out one of our other blog articles: Using a Digital Membership Card: An Eco-Friendly Solution.  

3- They’re cheap: 

Another benefit of not having to print out cards, in addition to its eco-friendliness, is that it saves you money. Even if you don’t pay for the design by doing it yourself, it is expensive to have the cards printed professionally. If you’re a business with members or employees that aren’t local, you will have to spend money for distribution as well. 

Since digital cards are accessible from any device, this will not be an issue. All you need to do is create the cards virtually (or have your members create them themselves), and share them electronically with your community. 

4 Ways to Create Electronic Cards for Your Business:

Now that you know what electronic business cards are and why they’re so useful, it’s time to start looking into how to make one for yourself! 

There are tons of different methods available for you to make digital cards. We’ve included 4 of the most preferred ways to create them below, so you can start using them as soon as possible. 

━Graphic design apps 

One method to create electronic cards is to use apps or websites that are specifically designed to help your graphic design process. These include options like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc. There are also usually templates available for these platforms, but again, you will need to do it manually for each member/employee.  

━Online templates 

When you search for digital cards online, you will find many digital card templates that you can customize, fill, and use for your business. These templates are usually used within specific digital card software, or to fill out through graphic design applications/software. Organization managers can fill out the member information, or send out the template for members to fill it themselves. They might be a great inspiration to get you started if you don’t want to figure out how to do them from scratch. Still, they require time and effort to fill, download, and share individually. 

━Digital card software

There are specific software that enable you to create and share digital cards. They usually have features such as customizations, adding custom membership information, adding other members’ cards to your directory, etc. In this way, these software lessen your manual labor in creating the cards. If all you need is to create cards, platforms like HiHello, Switchit, and Blinq might be good options to consider. Again, remember that you will usually pay a monthly fee to use these effectively. Their usage will also probably be limited to just digital cards. 

━Membership management software 

Our final suggestion is to use a comprehensive membership management system where you can also create digital cards for your members, like Raklet. Using this type of software will allow you to manage your members, have a designated cloud-based community platform, create online and in-person events, collect membership applications and fees, and much more. In terms of convenience, running all of your membership processes from one place will be the most efficient option.

In the examples above, you can see different types of cards used by our customers. You can easily customize and personalize these cards to include your logo, brand colors, and relevant member information. They also used built-in QR codes for easy access & event check-ins. 

With Raklet, you can create custom membership application forms, and automatically transfer the member information you collect from that form into their electronic cards. Streamlining and automating manual tasks like these is very easily possible, using our digital membership cards and robust contacts database

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about Raklet, and how it can help your business thrive. 

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