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10 Features of Membership Software and why it is worth the investment.

If you are a membership organization with a growing community of members and finding it difficult to manage all the tasks; you are not alone! A lot of organizations feel that membership management software is not required. Are you also wondering if investing in Membership software is a good idea?

What is Membership software?

Membership software is designed to suit the needs of your organization and can be customized. They help manage your membership data as well as allow you to have a constant insight into your member engagement.  With these data; you can now understand what and how you can improve a lot of things within your organization.

Why is membership software important?

1. Accept online membership applications

As the community grows, it can be very difficult to manually handle all the data and manage them. It is time-consuming and quite expensive. Now, accept online applications easily. Besides, filter and sort applications without much of a hassle. Accept or reject members in a few clicks. 

easily accept online applications with membership software.

2. Membership software acts as your organization’s landing page

It is essential for any organization to have a website or a landing page that explains about the organization. This enables new members to learn more about your organization. If you have a website; your membership software can also be accessible from your website. List your upcoming events, activities, and more on your membership landing page. 

3. Centralized Membership Database

With many members constantly joining the organization, it is necessary to have all the data in a single platform. A membership software allows you to access them from anywhere at any time. If you are an organization with multiple branches, storing your data in one place helps you compare data, integrate membership information as well as plan events, send emails faster in an organized manner. 

4. Emails and Correspondence

Send targetted emails to your members.

One of the best ways to retain members is by letting them know that they are important. Constantly engage with them as well as make them feel special. A membership management software helps you send emails, mass communications, and also keep track of the correspondence. Save time, keep your members and your community happy.

5. Payments and Renewals

It can be difficult to keep track of payments and renewals when done manually. This is especially extra challenging when it comes to organizations with a large number of members. Organizations forget about their member payments or renewals.

Accept online payments wih your membership management software.

Membership management software has the necessary tools to send reminders to your members. In addition to this, with the right membership management tools, you can also have multiple payment options that your members can choose from. 

6. Event Planning and Ticketing

Most organizations host events for various reasons. Planning such events can be challenging. Plan events, book tickets, and send reminders to your members. With the right tools; event planning as well as selling tickets can be streamlined. 

Event planning and ticketing is easy with membership software.

7. Profiles and Portals.

A membership management software helps your members have a basic profile page; complete with their picture. All this can be easily managed by the administrators or the members themselves. Organize data easily. Also , learn about other members of the community as your organization grows as a community. 

8. Integration between tools.

Running an organization requires multiple tools to manage various aspects. Now, all your most needed tools can be easily integrated with your membership software with API or plugins. Besides, this ensures the smooth functioning of your organization.

9. Multilingual Platform

With many organizations going online, the ability to have a global reach has become easier. Members from all over the world can now be a part of your community thus, making your family a much larger one. A good Membership management software lets you choose between multiple languages and have an integrated translation tool if necessary to make it easier for your end-users. 

10. Customized design

Your membership management software can be customized according to the needs of your organization. Besides, the structure and the aesthetic appearance along with the tools can be designed according to what suits your organization. Tailor-made membership solutions at an affordable cost is not a dream anymore.

Save time, energy and resources

A good membership management software reduces work, time, as well as money spent on doing manual routine tasks. Interact, gain, and grow as a community with the right membership management software. Investing in the right management software will help do all this as well as making your members feel at home. 

Shalini Murthy

Shalini Murthy is a membership consultant at Raklet. She enjoys reading books, writing poetry, painting, and loves watching romantic comedies.

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