chamber of commerce software by Raklet for SCCT

Chamber of Commerce Software for SCCT with WordPress integration

The chamber of commerce software by Raklet helps The Swiss Chamber of Commerce (SCCT) run their membership portal. This was possible with our easy WordPress membership plugin. In addition, it saves a lot of time and money creating a positive impact on the organization. This all-in-one platform contains members directory, membership website builder, event management […]

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Best Alternative to Salesforce CRM- Raklet's CRM software

Best alternatives to Salesforce CRM: Raklet’s CRM software to increase efficiency and build better relationships

One of the best alternatives to Salesforce CRM is Raklet’s CRM software. If you are looking for a simple yet highly robust and flexible CRM solution; Raklet’s CRM software is your best bet. Highly cost-effective than Salesforce CRM, our CRM has a simple web interface with less clutter. Our CRM solution helps you keep track […]

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Best CRM for non-profit to accelerate fundraising

The best CRM for non-profit for accelerating fundraising and better donor management

A good CRM makes a lot of difference to a non-profit organization. Streamline activities and other administrative operations with a good CRM system. Running a fundraising event is very easy as well as hassle-free with good software. Help your non-profit organization achieve its mission and build strong fundraising campaigns. A good CRM solution for a […]

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Top 5 strategies to improve memebrship management software

5 Strategies to Improve Your Membership Management Software

Good membership management software is crucial for the proper functioning of a community. Business competition is always fierce, especially when reduced customer spending and aggressive competitors are the norms. While competition forces you to innovate to stay ahead of the curve, that rivalry can also be intimidating. A CBInsights report revealed that approximately 19% of […]

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Techsoup's amazing offers on technology for nonprofits

How to get TechSoup discount for non-profit fundraising CRM?

TechSoup offers great discounts for non-profit fundraising CRM such as Raklet to manage the non-profit’s fundraising efforts. TechSoup provides incredible offers on technology solutions from leading brands for qualified non-profits. If your non-profit has limited funds, getting the right technology without worrying about the costs will increase your non-profit’s productivity, accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, as well […]

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Alternative to Dynamics CRM - Raklet CRM software

The best alternative to Dynamics CRM software – Introducing Raklet Free CRM for better member management

Looking for the best alternative to Dynamics CRM? Raklet’s CRM software offers great member management experience. Use advanced features to manage your daily activities. Improve your interactions by understanding member data and member activities with the community. Manage and maintain member database with a good alternative for Dynamics CRM In order to identify the best […]

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best association management software to manage memebr process

Best association management software for The Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey

The Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey (EMAT) is an association working for upgrading emergency medicine, emergency services, first aid, as well as disaster organization. Their vision is to create projects that help and support the medical system without worrying about maintaining a cumbersome association management platform. EMAT decided to work with Raklet to improve its […]

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