The Story of An Alumni Association Whose Path Crossed with Raklet: SUMED

We continue to share with you the best practices of our organizations. Thanks to our alumni associations, the number of these best practices increases constantly. SUMED (Sabancı University Alumni Association) is one of these organizations who get beautiful results in collaboration with Raklet.

SUMED is an alumni association which is aware of the importance of strengthening the bonds among alumni and creating a sense of belonging. This awareness forced them to search for an alumni association management software and their path crossed with Raklet in 2015. Since then, they use Raklet efficiently by offering easy payment opportunities to their alumni, publishing job postings and donation campaigns, and creating successful events.

A 150% increase in revenues within a year

The sophisticated reporting feature of Raklet gives you the opportunity to see the results of your strategies. It is possible to see that SUMED has increased its membership fee revenue by more than 2.5 times within the last year. And this rate is even more impressive when taken into account event ticket sales and donations.

Creative Solutions

One of the most important reasons of this revenue growth is the opportunity to send debt reminder emails with a payment button inside. By making payment processes as easy as possible, Raklet gives the opportunity to pay the membership fees with one click.

Your feedback is appreciated

While developing our platform, your needs constitute our reference point. Google Analytics Integration is one of the features developed following the feedback of SUMED. Thanks to this integration, our organizations can have the insights which guide them while deciding on their strategies. How many people have visited your social network pages, which of your pages have been viewed the most…You can have all these information on your side.

Raklet gives you the opportunity to have a constant and healthy communication with your alumni. Collecting membership fees or donations and increasing your revenue for your projects are not difficult at all.

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