Sector differentiation between members of nonprofit IWRA

Membership management software for non-profits to administrate member activities effectively

Raklet’s membership management software for nonprofit is used by the International Water Resources Association (IWRA). With an awesome nonprofit membership management platform; it is easy to manage members, reduce paperwork, and automate administrative tasks. The nonprofit can access their member data online and do necessary changes. Create improved member collaboration and provide new job opportunities […]

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alumni engagement portal for building long lasting relationships

Build better alumni engagement with a smart, scalable, and powerful alumni engagement platform

Building a positive alumni engagement is the foundation of creating a life-long relationship with your alumni. Create scalable alumni network. Streamline all your alumni process with ease. Integrate the alumni platform within your website. Above all, our alumni engagement platform makes sure you have everything you need to keep your alumni happy. GSUMED’s need for […]

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Best Membership Management Software

Best membership management software for Societies

We believe Raklet is the best membership management software and we’ve implemented it for The International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) to provide an easy way for their members to access membership benefits with great user experience. Administrators can manage their members, update their info, and collect membership payments without any hassles. Customized membership application form […]

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Best mosque management software

Must-have mosque management software for your Islamic member-based organization

Good mosque management software is crucial for the efficient functioning of any Islamic-member based organization. Managing members, donations as well as setting up events is easy with a good system in place. Raklet’s mosque management software offers you a wide range of features. Automated payments, targeted messaging as well as deep insights about your members […]

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Best alternative to JoinIt- Raklet membership management software

The best alternative to JoinIt: Raklet member management system

Are you looking out for the best alternative to JoinIt member management software? Raklet’s membership management software offers advanced membership management features and a great alternative to JoinIt. It’s understandable if you still want to consider your options before selecting the right software for your membership management needs. You need the right tools to manage […]

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