Saint Joseph School Launched Alumni Portal In 2 Weeks With Raklet Alumni Engagement Software

Saint Joseph School Alumni Association had challenges while trying to engage with their alumni. As most schools would know, bringing alumni together can be hard. Saint Joseph School chose Raklet alumni engagement software to overcome these challenges.  All schools want to keep their relationships with their alumni. They want to remember the good times they […]

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Reasons Why Continuous Engagement with Your Alumni is Important

Alumni network systems end up being a particularly powerful sort of informal organization. This is to some degree since individuals frequently self-select into undergrad and graduate projects that have social gatherings. With interests firmly adjusted to their own, which produces both a more significant level of communication and longer-lived connections. Let’s say you are now […]

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corporate alumni software to better engage with your alumni

Corporate alumni software-build better relationships with your alumni

Corporate alumni software is a bridge that connects the corporate as well as their alumni. An alumni platform provides a wide range of features such as event management, targeted communications, and is ultimately a powerful tool to create life-long relationships for the corporate to manage their alumni software effectively.  Having a positive relationship with your […]

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alumni engagement portal for building long lasting relationships

Build better alumni engagement with a smart, scalable, and powerful alumni engagement platform

Building a positive alumni engagement is the foundation of creating a life-long relationship with your alumni. Create scalable alumni network. Streamline all your alumni process with ease. Integrate the alumni platform within your website. Above all, our alumni engagement platform makes sure you have everything you need to keep your alumni happy. GSUMED’s need for […]

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alumni engagement platform

Graduway Alternative: Raklet’s Alumni Portal

Raklet is an alternative to Graduway where alumni organizations use to manage their community. Both applications have many different functions such as membership management, publishing digital membership cards, organizing events and sending automated messages. Raklet offers unlimited member registration plus a 14 days trial period. Start your free trial now and try our all-in-one alumni […]

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