How to Create Your Online Membership Application Form?

Your online membership application form allows you to accept the new applications and widen your community. All you have to do is decide on the required fields in your application form. To create your application form:

  1. Go to the Membership section in the admin panel and then click Settings

2. On this page, you can edit your application form. You can decide on the text by which you will address to your future members. You can state technical aspects such as membership terms or benefits.

3. You can decide on the required fields by adding/ removing the check marks in the boxes. Also, it is possible to define a registration fee and even more to collect this fee once the application is submitted. You need to enable credit card form section for this. 
4. Once you finish editing your application form, click Save. To preview your form, click View Form button at the upper right side of the page.
5. Your potential members will see this application form when they click Become Member button on the login page.
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