Best CRM for non-profit to accelerate fundraising

The best CRM for non-profit for accelerating fundraising and better donor management

A good CRM makes a lot of difference to a non-profit organization. Streamline activities and other administrative operations with a good CRM system. Running a fundraising event is very easy as well as hassle-free with good software. Help your non-profit organization achieve its mission and build strong fundraising campaigns.

A good CRM solution for a non-profit offers great visibility into your donor list as well as new prospects. This enables you to improve your fundraising results. Administrators can now access all data from a centralized platform. Raklet’s CRM solution is a powerful tool that is customizable for your needs and is specially built for non-profit organizations.

Our top 5 tips before selecting the best CRM platform for non-profit community

A CRM system is used to store donor data and can be accessed from anywhere. Build better customer relationships by knowing your donor activity and their preferences. Build easy to use donation pages for your donors. Optimize your campaigns successfully with built-in modules. However, before you buy CRM software check out our top five tips on selecting the best platform.

CRM for non-profit enables you to create easy campaigns for fundraising

Know the dataset that you would store in your CRM system

Make sure you are aware of the data set that you will store in your CRM system. The software must be able to manage the database of all the data you might need to store. Usually, your dataset set contains information about your donors, payment details, membership, volunteers, fundraising, etc. Good CRM software is robust as well as flexible and lets you access these data easily.

A CRM solution that accepts online donations from donors

It is essential to know that the CRM system you choose for your non-profit has a built-in donation processing system. Paying separately for accepting donations from donors when you have a CRM system is not a great solution. Also, make sure that your CRM system accepts online payments in a safe and secure environment.

Easy to use CRM system that can be set up in a few minutes

A good CRM system must be easy to set up.  It must be user-friendly. You must not need extensive training to use a good CRM system for your non-profit. Your CRM solution must not be complicated and must be built to tackle all other administrative aspects of your non-profit.

Cost-effective online CRM software

Another important tip that you must consider is the cost of the CRM. Be sure to know your budget beforehand. Select software that is cost-effective yet solves all your problems. Check the pricing of the CRM before you purchase one.

CRM with other in-built modules to help build better donor engagement

A good CRM must offer other built-in modules for better donor management as well as enable you to set up donation drives easily. It should also enable you to send out targetted messages to your donors. It must offer your non-profit the ability to group donors based on their membership plans. A great mobile application makes it easier for your donor to stay connected on the move.

Raklet’s CRM for non-profit- Easy and intuitive software for better fundraising experience

As a non-profit organization, you never have enough time. And that is the main reason why you need a good CRM solution that incorporates the right mix of technology and the industry’s best practices. With Raklet’s CRM software; you dont have to juggle between various activities. Our platform allows you to keep track of all your donor data in a single platform. Create a successful fundraising request to your donors at the right time with the right data.

Accelerate your fundraising efforts with proper donor management

It is necessary for a non-profit community to have a fundraising plan in place. However, it doesn’t always work. With our CRM solution; you can accelerate your fundraising efforts with the right data. With proper donor management; learn more about donors, their activity, and expand your fundraising goals. 

Maintaining all donor data in a centralized platform makes it easy to access, manage, and monitor your data from anywhere and anytime. This secure database enables you to collect deeper intel about your donors with the help of custom fields. Use your donor data effectively to raise more for your community.

Advanced CRM options with Raklet memebrship mangement software

Send out target messages to your donors at the right time

Have you set up a new donation drive? Let your donors know by sending out customized messages with our built-in email as well as SMS modules. Collect more data about your emails such as open rate, click rate from your email module. Pre-design your email templates and use them when you want to send a message. Add payment buttons to your emails that help your donors to make donations easily.

CRM for non-profit: collect more data about your emails such as open rate, click rate.

Accept online donations using a safe and secure platform

Set up donation campaigns easily using our fundraising module. Our CRM system offers the option of accepting online payment through a secure platform. Increase donations and save time. Automate payment by collecting the credit card/ debit card details of your donors. Increase your revenue while you focus on pro-active fundraising as well as marketing efforts for your non-profit.

Customize your CRM solution to suit your non-profit needs

Raklet’s CRM is highly cost-effective when compared to its competitors in the market. Create a free account and get started right away. If you looking to add more than 50 contacts to your non-profit CRM software, our paid account provides advanced donor management tools. Customize your CRM software to include more advanced tools if you want at a competitive price.

Easy to use and highly cost-effective

Our online CRM software is user-friendly. It can be set up in a few minutes and does not need any extensive training. You can access all the advanced features that help you set up successful fundraising campaigns. 

Mobile-friendly applications to help you stay connected with your donors.

Good mobile-friendly CRM software is essential in today’s world where people are dependent on their mobile devices. Our Software offers great mobile applications on both the iOS/ Android platforms. Stay connected with your donors on the move. Help your donors stay updated with the latest information from your non-profits with our mobile application.

If you are a non-profit registered with TechSoup, don’t forget to use the great discounts that you can use while purchasing Raklet’s non-profit membership software.

Raklet’s CRM software to leverage your fundraising efforts

A non-profit organization cannot afford to miss out a good CRM software. With an increasing demand for better donor management; it is crucial to select a system that helps you leverage your fundraising efforts.

With actionable insights about your donors, their donations as well as their payment details; Raklet’s CRM is the best CRM for your non-profit organization. Create a free account today. Have more questions? Schedule a demo to learn more about our CRM for non-profit.

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