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Digital Membership Card: An Eco-Friendly Solution

Classic plastic membership cards typically have the membership number, the name and a photo of the member. These plastic cards have to be printed and mailed to all members. This process costs extra money and time to your organization. But, do you really have to use plastic to publish membership cards? Now there is a much simpler solution: digital membership card.

Best for the Environment

Millions of plastic membership cards are published every year. Moreover, these cards have to be renewed annually. Publishing plastic membership cards and sending them to its owners is expensive and takes time. 

So why don’t we choose a cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly alternative? You can publish digital membership cards with Raklet just in seconds. Stop using physical membership cards and save the planet!

digital membership cards

Digital Membership Cards are User-Friendly

Everyone has a smartphone these days. There is no possibility to forget/lose a membership card when you have it in your pocket 24/7. Just open your Raklet account whenever you wish to use your digital membership card.

QR code scanning feature of Raklet makes it easy to use your digital membership card. For instance, you can see how a brewpub from Bristol uses Raklet in their business.

Raklet is multilingual. It means your members can access their digital membership cards in their own language. 

Your members can view their exclusive membership benefits from their phone at all times. This will allow them to use these benefits more frequently. 

digital membership card

Renewing the Membership 

Organizations can send a notification to their members when the membership is about to expire. The frequency of the automatic renewal notification can be customized. Your organization’s membership renewal rate will increase with these smart notifications.

In the digital world, digital membership cards are easy to use and customize. You can change the design of your digital membership card. Digital membership cards allow organizations to improve the membership experience quickly and easily, and most importantly, eco-friendly!

Create your free account now to publish digital membership cards in seconds and benefit from more features provided by Raklet.

Learn how to publish digital membership cards with Raklet.

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