digital memebrship cards for your members

Digital membership card software for your members

Every member needs a membership card for convenience as well as ease of usage for the organization. A membership card contains the member’s vital information. These cards give your members a true sense of belonging. However, physical cards are outdated and it is time to use digital membership card software.

A digital membership card software is essential because it can save time and money. It is easy to provide access to all members. Raklet offers free digital membership card software. You can customize your membership cards accordingly to reflect your community.

The digital membership card system

You can design as well as set up digital membership cards using Raklet’s membership management software. Simply log in to your admin account. Click on the membership module. Now you can start creating digital membership cards.

Do you need more help with creating digital membership cards? You can check out our article on how to create digital membership cards. It is easy to customize your digital membership cards. A QR bar code format confirms authenticity.

Read how LHG published more than 1500+ digital membership cards for its investors using Raklet’s membership management software.

Amazing features of digital membership card software

  • Wallet integration 

The digital membership card can be easily stored in the wallet application on member phones. It is also easy to access member cards using Raklet’s mobile application, both on Android and iPhone

  • Eco-friendly membership cards:

Avoid spending time as well as money on bulky membership cards. It is possible to streamline membership management easily. 

  • Instantly generate membership cards:

You can create membership cards instantly for your members. Above all, save a lot of time with instant digital membership cards.

  • Customize your digital membership card:

Raklet’s digital membership cards are unique and are easy to update. You can customize it with fonts, background colors, custom logo as well as the fields you like on your digital membership card.

  • Increase your organization’s revenue and drive growth:

You can reach out to all your members with exciting offers and promotions because of Raklet’s digital membership card software. All the benefits of the card are presented on each digital membership card. Therefore, the members can present these digital cards to redeem their perks.

Digital membership card displaying the perks offered by the organization
Digital membership card displaying the perks offered by the organization

Simplified Membership experience for your members:

You can provide a simplified membership experience using Raklet’s digital membership cards. Above all, your digital membership cards can actively engage your members with custom benefits and perks of being in your community. 

Digital membership cards are a great choice because they revolutionize membership. You can reduce administrative tasks within your community as well as add value to your organization. All digital membership cards are available within the member profile for ease of access.

Create digital cards for your members with Raklet’s membership management software. Setting up your account takes just a few minutes. Schedule a demo to understand the numerous benefits of using this awesome community software.

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