Event Management Module: Don’t Wait “At the Door”

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
The door!

Neither this joke nor pen&paper stuff is funny. It is tiring to write down all the event participants’ name during the event. Thanks to the Raklet’s event management module, on the next event, you won’t have to worry about removing ink from your clothes. By using “At The Door” module, you are able to check-in your participants, update their information, and sell your tickets on the event day.

 Click the  “Add the Door” button. This is where all the magic starts.

In At The Door page, you can see the guest list and ticket sales. On guest list side, you can check-in. On the ticket sales side, you can easily buy a ticket and update event participant’s information.

SPOILER ALERT! In the following days, guests who have the mobile app will be able to scan the QR and push badges. The best is yet to come.

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