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At its core, Raklet platform is your flexible and easy to use database that connects to more than 4,000 other apps online.

You can manage contacts and customize their profiles. Raklet offers a public facing site and mobile apps for your contacts.

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Branded Apps
Get your own portal & iPhone Android apps.
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Flexible Database
Store person or company info, customize fields.
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EMAIL Marketing

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Custom Profiles
Customizable fields, advanced privacy and visibility options.
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Event Management
Collect RSVPs or sell tickets for online or offline events.
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Paid Newsletters
Publish premium newsletters and sell memberships.
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Page Builder
Create custom pages, spray your brand all over!
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Sell subscriptions, scan digital cards, check-in members.
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Job Board
Launch your own job board that only paid members can post.
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Launch your own job board that only paid members can post.
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Instant Messaging
Let your community members message to each other.
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Collect donations and run successful campaigns.

We make your other tools better for you

A modern organization might work with different tools, and sometimes managing all of them individually becomes a nightmare. That is why we integrate with the best and most used online tools in the market so you can sleep well at night.

Our mission is to help communities grow & thrive.
Our platform is just a means to achieve that.


Read success stories and case studies about our clients and get inspired by how they are leveraging our platform to manage their online presence.

Our long list of customers are from different backgrounds. Content creators, community based organizations, associations, corporations, non-profits and many more…  

Engage your audience to increase sales. Discover how we can help your membership, event, payment, and data management needs. See our extensive tools, robust CRM, and powerful integrations at play by reading our blog posts. 

EHFF chose Raklet as the best nonprofit software for events! They have been streamlining difficult membership processes ever since.

If you are leading and managing an online community of artists, you could benefit from using an online artist community…

Finding the best software for your climbing alliance can be difficult. You need an extensive platform to manage your existing…


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We work with hundreds of non-profits all around the world. 
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06 Nov: Raklet Is Always Here to Support Refugee Organizations

As a cloud platform developed for NGOs, Raklet helps organizations that support and empower refugees. Communication with volunteers, refugee registrations with custom fields or public donation campaigns are the most useful features of Raklet for refugee organizations.

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23 Jan: How to Empower Your Environmental Organization

If you work within an environmental organization, you probably try to widen your community to gain attention for environmental issues. So, regardless of the scale of your activity area, you have a community management process. Let’s look at how efficient it can be with the right tools.

28 Nov: NPedal Has Cycled From Istanbul to Paris and Raised Funds for Scholarships!

Dinçer Özoran and Arman Buldaç from NPedal organized a cycling tour to collect donation for the scholarship fund of GEV and succeeded to collect more than $10.000 through Raklet online donation page. It means the annual scholarship of 4 undergraduates and 9 high school students!

28 Nov: Set Up Your Upcoming Political Campaign for Success!

Running an efficient political campaign is not different than any other community management process. Maybe it is more result oriented, your objectives are more concrete. But after all, you have a community that you want to widen by using the best communication strategies.

08 Nov: Empower Your Organization With Google for Nonprofits!

As Raklet, a cloud platform which aims to support NGOs in the most affordable way, we want to introduce you another program in the same direction. You know it well but only as a search engine. Yes, we are talking about Google!

03 Oct: Boost Your Recurring Donations With Raklet!

One of the main difficulties of NGOs is to collect regular donations which are crucial for the realisation of their projects. For a long time, Raklet has been working on solutions which can make the process easier and even more effective. Recently, it has developed public donation page in order to widen your donor community!

14 Aug: How to Increase the Income of Your Organization

There are lots of ways of increasing the income of your organization ; principal among them are sponsorships, events, grants or peer-to-peer fundraising. Having different sources of income is vital because this means that you have alternatives when one of them is failed. For example, when the amount or frequency of your donations decrease, you can get a refreshment via employing other methods.

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