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How membership cards can increase loyalty and engagement?

Membership cards offer a sense of belonging to members. They are often overlooked in a community but it is one of the most effective tools to increase member loyalty and engagement. These cards make members feel valued and special.

What are membership cards?

Membership cards are offered to your organization members as proof of identity. However, with the advent of digital technology; digital cards are replacing these. In addition to this; these cards are completely customize-able to suit your community’s brand.

These cards are often not given their due importance. If implement carefully; it can drive positive member engagement. Here are a few ways you can use these member cards to increase member loyalty and engagement. 

Top 5 ways to use your membership cards to drive member engagement

1. Make members feel special

Membership cards give your members a sense of belonging. They feel valued, special, and unique. They are often showcased with pride. A community with member cards; they are treated as exclusive organizations! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it!

2. Offer special member discount

Offer special members discounts to everyone who has a membership card. Partner with other organizations; shops, florist, etc. and offer member-only discounts. Members will love this nice gesture and would want to be a part of your community!

3. Security

Membership cards also offer security within your community. Ensure that your members are free from unwanted visitors and have access to all the VIP areas with your community. Filter out people who are not your members as well as create an exclusive environment.

exclusive benefits with membership cards

4. Exclusive benefits

Create exclusive benefits for members with these cards. This will create a sense of need and members will eventually increase their member engagement.

Discounts, event benefits as well as coupons are a few examples you can try out.

5. Promote your community

Promote your community with member cards. Customized member cards are often noticed by others when used in public. Besides, this free marketing will help other curious onlookers to check out your community and the benefits of being a member.

Digital membership cards: a great addition to your organization

Promote your community with membership cards

Digital cards are slowly replacing the traditional id cards. Create and publish digital cards easily with good membership management software. Make sure you are able to customize as well as publish these cards instantly.

Membership cards along with strong tools drive member loyalty and drive maximum engagement. These cards open a door of opportunities to connect with your members and drive positive engagement. So, if you are planning to set up member cards for your community; go ahead. It is worth it!

Shalini Murthy

Shalini Murthy is a membership consultant at Raklet. She enjoys reading books, writing poetry, painting, and loves watching romantic comedies.

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