How to build membership website for your member based organization?

How to build a membership website?

A membership website is necessary for every member-based organization. Your website becomes your portfolio. This website will be what your members will visit when they need to know what your organization has done in the past, what your current activities are, and the plans you have for the future of the organization. 

Membership website is important for every membership organization.

If you are a member-based organization and don’t already have a website or are planning to set one up, here are three important steps that can help you build one.  

Three important steps while building your membership website.

1. Clear contact database

Your contact database might be maintained in excel spreadsheets or google sheets. However, make sure your contact database is maintained properly and do not have duplicate entries. Ensure duplicate fields are deleted and the data in your database is unique.

When you set up a membership website, uploading your contacts database might be once of the initial step to getting started. If we have a clear database before we begin; it will help you minimize time and effort.

2. Defined membership models

In a membership organization, members must be aware of your membership models. Be sure to include the services and benefits for each membership package. Members must be aware of the benefits that they receive by being a part of your organization.

If you have a calendar with planned events throughout the year, it would be wise to include it along with your membership models to figure out the pages and features you wish to include in your website,

3. Important pages to include in your membership website

Once you have figured out the answers for your membership models and your event calendar; it is time to incorporate those details to figure out the pages your need on your website.

The top 6 pages you need on your membership website are the following:

Make sure to accept online payments using your membership website.
  1. Home: Make sure to include all important announcements from your organization o the home page for your members/ visitors.
  2. About us: Talk in detail about the mission, vision of your membership community.
  3. Events: Your members/ visitors must be able to see all the events planned out for your community members. Don’t forget to allow online payments as well as easy registration for your events.
  4. Donate: Include all relevant details for a potential donor to understand about the causes you support as well as the impact it created. Ensure online donations are easily acceptable.
  5. Join as members within your community: This is another vital page to help visitors convert to members. Make sure you accept online membership applications as well as accept online payments.
  6. Contact us: Make sure to include all your contact information if case somebody wanted to get in touch with your and your community.

Membership websites must be designed to help your members and visitors understand your organization better.

Membership websites are the gateway to reach your potential customers and donors. Building one might take a lot of time and effort. So, before you build a website from scratch- think about building a membership website or buying a membership management software with powerful tools to aid you in your membership journey.

Raklet is a powerful membership management software that lets you create a free account. Access all the powerful tools to manage all administrative challenges easily. Start working on creating a wonderful and positive experience for your members today.

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