How to create a membership database in Excel?

How to create a membership database in Excel?

The membership database is the core of any association, non-profit, club, or other organization. Membership organizations with small resources often struggle to maintain data of members, volunteers, and supporters. 

However, you can easily maintain such data on Microsoft Excel. Creating and tracking a membership database in Excel is easy when the member data is small and manageable.

Why is membership database maintenance important?

You have to ensure that membership database information is correct and updated for several reasons.

  • Accurate membership lists are needed to determine benefits provided to each member
  • Determine the revenue that can be generated through events and other similar sources.
  • A proper communication channel between members.
  • Membership renewal details
  • Easy to follow up with event benefits for members

Create a membership database in an excel spreadsheet for your organization

A simple way to maintain member data is to create a membership database in an excel spreadsheet. You can easily manage, track, or organize data of small organizations, societies, clubs, camps, interest groups, associations, health clubs, and other organizations. 

Also, you can add fields like date of joining, member name, member status, salutation, member id, birthday, gender, position, member address, phone numbers, grouping fields, skill fields, family notes, member occupation, emergency contacts, payment due date, picture, and other details which will help you understand your members better.

Determine what you have to track

If you are a beginner, use a basic spreadsheet with minimal columns. Just add three to four columns with names, contact information, and the active status of the member. You can add additional columns too if you want to store more member data.

Use a pivot table to create an interesting visual representation of your membership data.

By creating a pivot table, you can easily filter target data even if there is plenty of data in the sheet. You can track payment status, payment method, attended events and meetings, renewal due date, membership level, and other needed information.

Provide access to the membership database to important members of your organization.

You can provide access to your members as well as board members to add their own information in the future. Make sure that you are always accessing the latest version of your membership database.

Version control is important so that you always have access to the latest data. Also, ensure that all your members know how to save the document after updating with their information. Make sure to store the document with a common access path.

Try free membership management software such as Raklet for your membership organization.

If building a membership database in Excel is a difficult task; why don’t you try out an easy to use membership management software such as ‘RAklet’ You can get started with a completely free account– no hidden charges. Besides, with a lot of excellent features, you can save time and energy with our software.

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