How To Manage Non-Profit Organizations In Pandemic

A few weeks ago I had a chance to attend an online event, Responsive Non-Profit Summit. It mainly focused on non-profit management. Among other excellent speakers and topics, the most interesting for me was Gail Perry’s speech on how to keep non-profit organizations together and interested. And I’d love to sum it up for especially managers of these organizations.

Gathering people together for a cause is one thing, keeping working on it with the same enthusiasm for the rest of the coming years is another. Non-profit organizations often have a hard time keeping their donors and members interested and sharp. Especially if your campaigns are long-running, slowly building campaigns. 

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So, the best thing to achieve a more active network is to organize events. Perry suggests porch parties with great cheese as an example. These kinds of social events keep people interested and lively and create the perfect atmosphere to build strong relationships with possible donors, Perry says. 

But since the world is dealing with a pandemic right now, it is not possible to put up physical events for people to socialize. Instead, you can schedule online meetings with your members. They don’t have to be long, boring meetings where all you do is talk about future plans or finances. No. Your true allies are the meetings where people come to have a good time. 

One of the most important points people forget while managing a non-profit organization is that your donors are genuinely interested in your organization. -Your mission and vision are what attracted them in the first place. This means you don’t have to emphasize your organization’s goals every time you come together. Sometimes meetings where you just drink tea, chat, and laugh together are what will keep your organization intact. These kinds of meetings are also the key to find members to join your board which is a critical part of non-profit management.

Board meetings are known to be boring. Most of your members have already busy lives and most of them might not volunteer to join the board. Your tasks can be hard and serious but it doesn’t mean you have to spend 2-3 hours every week with stone-cold faces and uninterrupted business manner. What you can do here is make your board meetings fun. Crack a few jokes, give people time to chill and relax during the meeting. Don’t be afraid of a little small talk and compose unrelated conversations.

A great way to organize your online or physical events is to use membership management software. This way you can collect everyone in your network and post events for everyone to join easily and track them effortlessly. Do you want to announce your next general meeting? Sure, post it on your website. Are you planning an online game night? Create an event to see who is coming! If you want to sell tickets, sell tickets. If not, you can always keep it completely free. You can also create discussion boards to keep your members interactive on your website.

Non-profit management is hard. But it doesn’t have to be harder during these already challenging times. Create your own free website with Raklet today and keep your organization more enthusiastic than ever. It is free forever unless you decide to upgrade and if you are interested in our paid plans just give us a call to hear our offers for you. We can’t wait to meet you and your organization!

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