Membership Management Software for Nonprofits to Administrate Member Activities Effectively (IWRA and Raklet)

Membership Management Software for Nonprofits to Administrate Member Activities Effectively (IWRA and Raklet)

Raklet’s membership management software for nonprofit is used by the International Water Resources Association (IWRA). With an awesome nonprofit membership management platform; it is easy to manage members, reduce paperwork, and automate administrative tasks.

The nonprofit can access their member data online and do necessary changes. Create improved member collaboration and provide new job opportunities with job boards was also possible. This platform enabled members to stay connected with each other easily using private messages.

What our client thinks about our nonprofit membership management software?

Callum C.'s review of Raklet, membership management software for nonprofits

“We were looking for an “off the shelf” software package that would continue to grow and adapt over time, offering more services and a more professional feel than the old bespoke membership system we had. It has transformed the member experience. Raklet has listened to our needs and tried to accommodate them. As a small NGO our resources are limited, so this works very well for us.”

Eric Callum, Executive Director IWRA.

Why IWRA was looking for Membership management software for Nonprofits?

IWRA is a nonprofit organization and the members consist of international disciplinary experts. They work towards a common mission of sustainable water resource management.

The IWRA is a growing organization with 925 members from various institutions. However, they wanted an easy to set up membership database software that will help them to group members into various membership tiers. So, custom forms were needed to determine the membership type for their members.

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The members of the association also needed access to view the various journals created by IWRA. So, they were looking out for software that helped them with membership management as well as with journal integration.

Unlock new and powerful tools to manage your members

Raklet offers an all-in-one solution for nonprofits, associations, clubs, and communities. In other words, their membership management software nonprofit is trusted by many organizations. In addition to this, it is easy to set up and can be customized.

Highly customizable: You can meet your organizational needs easily. For instance, Raklet’s membership management software helps you with various administrative tasks such as online membership onboarding and automated payments.

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Power your community with Job boards: You can post job openings within your community. In addition, Raklet offers reports with deep insights.

Social networking for members: Your members can now message each other with Raklet’s social network. The member management software also provides the latest updates to its members.

Improve membership collaboration, and automate administrative tasks for your nonprofit

IWRA manages its membership processes with custom membership forms specially designed for its members. These online membership forms help in better member collaboration within the community.

IWRA membership management software powered by Raklet.

Customized membership application form

Customized membership forms have custom fields to select the type of membership that each member requires. The members can also opt for either a one-year membership or a three-year membership. The membership fee is calculated based on the selection of the custom fields.

Custom Membership form for their members

Exclusive Journal integration

IWRA also uses Journal integration in its membership software. The members are able to view journals easily. These journals provided awareness to its members. As a result, the members have access to articles, blogs, quarterly newsletters as well as 8 peer-reviewed journals.

Creating new opportunities using job board for members

IWRA uses the job board module. Members can access current job openings posted by IWRA. As a result, members are able to apply to the job listing. They can also filter the job posting based on filters present in the module.

Job board for the members of IWRA with various job listings
Job boards for their members with various job listings

The members are able to send messages to other members. This is possible through social networking. Similarly, all members are able to post their activities on the IWRA newsletter as well as the website.

Best membership management software for nonprofit organizations

The IWRA works towards the common purpose of sustainable water resources, globally. We are really proud to work with them. Our nonprofit member management software is taking some of the administrative work from their shoulders so that they can focus on their core goals.

Raklet is a very helpful software for nonprofits at any size. It will definitely make it easier to manage your membership and fundraising processes. Save time, increase revenue, as well as provide a great member service for your organization.

Are you also looking out to streamline your membership processes for your nonprofit organization? Check out Raklet’s membership management software for nonprofits and create your free account today.

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