Multiple Bank Accounts in Your Raklet Account? Yes, it’s possible!

As NGOs have to manage their limited resources carefully and transparently, financial issues can be extra important for them. Having different bank accounts linked to different fundraising resources gives the opportunity to have more appropriate insights.

You may want to separate your bank account for membership fee payments, for your donations and even for your ticket sales. In order to add multiple bank accounts in your Raklet account:

1. Click your email address in the lower left corner in the administrator panel and then click Settings.

2. On the following page, go to Bank Accounts section and click Add New Payment Account button.

3. After having selected your country and clicked Add, you will be oriented to the page where you can enter the data of your bank account. Enter your data and then click Save.

4. After the submission process, your bank account will be activated and you will be able to choose which bank account you want to use for which online payment activity.


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