How Raklet can take your fundraising to the next level?

A challenge I’ve come across with small nonprofits is finding a fundraising idea that will make a big impact, but will also be inexpensive.

One of the main objectives of Raklet is to make fundraising process easier and more effective for your organization. We ask ourselves how much we meet our goal as a communication and payment platform. Let’s look at the numbers which speak for themselves.

The chart below shows the membership fee payment rates of one of our organizations who use Raklet for more than 2.5 years.
The organization started using Raklet in 2016. As you can see, Raklet provided an extra revenue of 60% after the first year.
This report has been generated with the data collected until March 2017. So, considering the first three months of each year, it is clear to see a constant increase.
So, what was the reason for such an increase in the revenue of the organization? A healthier communication with the community through an updated database, the one-click payment feature and the automatization of the payment processes seem to be the main factors.
If you have difficulty funding your projects or if the payment rates of your membership fees are too low, it can be a good idea to give a try to Raklet and see the results. You will not regret.

One thought to “How Raklet can take your fundraising to the next level?”

  1. Idea is very good. Through better and improved communication there is no gap between investor and raiser. I would like to add some more points like adapting new ideas from staff and volunteers.

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