Improve Your CRM Strategy with Raklet’s New Contacts Module

As you know, you can import all your contacts to your Raklet account regardless if they are your official members, your volunteers, donors or just people with whom your organization has ties. Having an extensive CRM strategy to manage all of these contacts is important. We have good news for you: Raklet’s new contacts module is with you in this process.

Our all-in-one membership management software Raklet now features a new and improved Contacts module, so you can filter, analyze, and export your contacts easily.

After you create your free account, you will see the “Contacts” section on your Admin Panel. Here, all of the contacts tied to your Raklet account. You will see a filtering at the left side of your screen. All you have to do is to define your criteria, and list your contacts on the page. It’s now that easy to filter through and manage your contacts, and create your own CRM strategy.

Let’s suppose that you want to list your corporate members.  Just click the “Membership Type” section on your filtering tool, and write down “Corporate Member”. This feature will work seamlessly with your contact tags.

Our New Contacts Module

You can decide on the data that you want to see on this page by checking the boxes at the upper right corner of the page. After having filtered your contacts, you can create new tags for them, or export them easily.

Our new contacts module, tags and export feature

While exporting, you have two possibilities. You can export your contacts with the columns that you chose by checking the boxes above, or with all their data in the system. Decide which information you’ll include for a stronger CRM strategy.

Exporting your contacts is easy and painless with Raklet!

With this new contacts module, your filter tool is more flexible and more suitable to your needs.

Create your free Raklet account now, and explore our extensive list of features.

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