Raklet: The Rising Star of the Community Management Platforms!

Raklet Earns Great User Experience and Rising Star Distinctions for Community Management Software from Platform for Software Reviews

Reputed software directory FinancesOnline affirmed that Raklet is indeed a must-have platform for organizations seeking to easily manage members, efficiently manage communications, and effectively maximize monetization of the community. Alongside a positive written review and rating as well as inclusion in their FinancesOnline.com comparison of top event management tools, Raklet also received their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018. The former industry award is given to software solutions that provide an especially pleasing user experience, while the latter distinguishes solutions that have made a mark in the industry due to a notable increase in popularity alongside positive user feedback.

Raklet earned the Great User Experience for the best event management software award due to its ease of use in performing administrative functions, including managing events and fundraisers, member engagement and empowerment through forums and discussions, and easy collection of donations and payments. In a nutshell, Raklet allows users to automate all these processes so you can easily grow your community and reap the profits.

Here are a few highlights from FinancesOnline’s review:

  • Centralized database for member information “makes it easy for you and your members to access and update information without worrying about security.”
  • Timeline format for member interaction allows users to easily keep on track of their activities.
  • Because Raklet gathers applicant data upon receipt of application forms, users can easily filter through applicants.
  • Automated renewals remove the chore of following up on membership payments.
  • “Fast, easy, and secure” internal communication channel. “There is basically no need for a third-party messaging app to communicate and reach out to your members.”

Make sure to check FinancesOnline’s write-up for the full review.

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