Are you looking for a Sports Club Management Software?  You are in the right place!

You might be running a sports club focused on a specific branch and looking to enhance your operations. Or maybe it is a multi-sports club, which you want to be more organized with different branches & members of different ages. In any case, looking for a sports club management software is an appropriate decision.

Raklet is one of the most assertive alternatives in your search for a well-designed sports club management software.  Do you wonder why?

Advanced tools for categorization

Categorization is the key to being well-organized. You can categorize your members by their sportive activity area or by age group. In addition, it is possible to create tags, lists or custom membership types in the platform. Let’s imagine you want to announce a tennis tournament for teenagers. It would be more accurate to email your members in the related category, but not everybody.

Online Registration Option

Online registration tool can help you increase the number of your club members, since it makes the process easier both for you and your potential members. All they have to do is to submit their online application. If this is a paid event, you can also collect payments at this stage.

Online Payment Solution

As you know, a facilitated payment process is crucial for the high rates of membership fee collection. With Raklet, your members can effectuate their payments online. You can keep track of the payments and send informational emails to your members about their debts. Reminders and follow-up emails are key to collect more funds!

Successful Event Organizations

Sports events constitute an essential part of the activities in a sports club. Raklet helps you organize contests, competitions, tournaments and other get-togethers. You can sell the tickets via your event page and keep track of your attendees with the check-in option at the door.

Regardless of the size of your sports club, Raklet will be your favorite assistant to manage your club in a more efficient way.

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