What they said about Raklet? – Kerkis, Teatro Antico In Scena

In this blog, we generally try to show how Raklet can increase the efficiency and revenue of your organization while reducing your workload. But of course, you may need to listen to the experience of an organization who already use Raklet. So, we give the floor to one of our cultural associations who use Raklet for two years. Listen to Raklet from the Italian non-profit association, Kerkis.

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Do You Have the Right Tools for the Business Association Management?

What is the main purpose of a business association? Professional cooperation, having a voice in the related activity area, social advantages…Yes. But, we all agree that networking opportunity is one of the most important motivations to become a member of a business association. Let’s take a closer look at the tricks of an effective network management and how Raklet can help you along the way.

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Raklet is at Your Service with its New Contacts Module

As you know, you can import all your contacts to your Raklet account regardless if they are your official members, your volunteers, donors or just people with whom your organization has ties. You might be keeping custom data related to your contacts and willing to filter them easily according to your needs. We have good news for you. Raklet’s new contacts module is with you in this process.

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