Are you looking for a Sports Club Management Software?  You are in the right place!

You might be running a sports club focused on a specific branch and willing to have success in this area. Or maybe it is a multi-sports club and you want to be more organized with different branches and members of different ages. In any case, looking for a sports club management software is an appropriate decision and Raklet is one of the most assertive alternatives. Do you wonder why?

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Ways of Increasing the Income of Your Organization

There are lots of ways of increasing the income of your organization ; principal among them are sponsorships, events, grants or peer-to-peer fundraising. Having different sources of income is vital because this means that you have alternatives when one of them is failed. For example, when the amount or frequency of your donations decrease, you can get a refreshment via employing other methods.

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Classic Car Club is More Powerful With Raklet!

Founded in 1990 by a small group of classic car enthusiasts in Turkey, Classic Car Club has reached 700 members today. The Club summarise its purpose as the following: “We desire to bring people together who have a lively interest for classic cars and especially for those who had some special features according to the era to which they belong. We want that they come together and exchange their ideas about these special cars.”

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