top 10 nonprofit fundraising ideas to try today.

Top 10 non-profit fundraising ideas to generate sustainable revenue.

There are numerous non-profit fundraising ideas to help you achieve a positive fundraising experience. For a nonprofit to function effectively; it is essential to have an effective fundraising strategy. Unlike most other organizations, nonprofits rely heavily on donations and grants to keep them going.  

To achieve this and encourage donors and sponsors; you can set up nonprofit fundraising events. Create an impact with fundraising for your nonprofits. Still, confused with fundraising for a nonprofit? Here are our top 10 nonprofit fundraising ideas you can try today.

Top 10 nonprofit fundraising ideas to generate revenue for your nonprofit.

1. T-Shirt design and sale

Conduct a contest and ask your participants to design a T-Shirt. You can sell white T-shirts and some paint supplies and let their creative juices flow. They can pay a small fee to join the contest. Half of the proceeds can go to the cause you support. 

2. Concerts.

You can either gather local talents or rope in a celebrity willing to be a part of your fundraiser and host a concert. The entire proceedings or a part of it can go to the cause of your choice; depending on how much you have to spend on the arrangements to host a concert.

Concerts is a great non-profit fundraising idea.

3. A music battle

You can encourage the local bands to participate in a music band face-off. You could also give them a topic to write and compose songs on and sell tickets for the concert. These proceeds can be forwarded to support your non-profit organization. 

4. Auctions.

Get your members and their friends to collect items that they would like to give away and conduct an auction. Get the word around to your local community with the help of social media, hand made fliers, etc. This is a great nonprofit fundraising idea.

5. A yard Sale

Similar to an auction but without the bidding! Collect clothes, furniture, and any item that is in good condition but no longer used from your community and host a yard sale. 

A yard sale is a great non-profit fundraising idea.

6. Online gaming contest

With a lot of people turning online for entertainment, gather the gamers in your community and live stream a gaming contest. This is sure to attract a lot of viewers. The kind of reach the online gaming community has is no joke. 

7. Design contest for all the designers in the house.

You can get people in your community or invite the locals to participate in a design contest. You can collect participation fees that will go towards your non-profit. Make it more interesting by giving them a theme that is related to the causes you support. 

8. Good old raffle tickets.

You can conduct a raffle contest and gift the first three prize winners something fun. You could rope in the services of a local travel agency that is willing to be a part of the event to sponsor the winners’ tickets or a holiday package. The money collected for the raffle tickets can go towards funding for your non-profit. 

9. Get healthy and fit with a run/marathon or a walkathon.

Host a Run, Marathon, or a Walkathon in your community. Encourage many people to participate. You can collect an enrollment fee, sell merchandise, have a lemonade stall, turn it into a fun event. Increase the excitement by inviting local athletes or celebrities to join the event. 

non-profit fundraising idea: Get healthy and fit with a run/marathon or a walkathon.

Raise money as well as encourage people to be healthy. People will feel encouraged to participate and enjoy the event. This will also make them look forward to more events organized by your nonprofit.

10. Get those aspiring chefs to participate in a food contest

Gather the locals or members of your community and get them to participate in a cooking contest. Involve the community while collecting funds for your nonprofit. Invite celebrity chefs, or popular restaurant owners or local celebrities to judge the contest to attract more people to engage with the event.

non-profit fundraising idea: Get those aspiring chefs to participate in a Food Contest

Use non-profit fundraising ideas to generate revenue and let your donors know where the money is being used.

There are many non-profit fundraising ideas to try. Make sure your donors and sponsors know where their money is being used. This will enable you to create a sustainable fundraising environment. Make sure your nonprofit fundraising software helps you send out detailed reports and insights to your donors to help them understand your organization.

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