Ways of Increasing the Income of Your Organization

There are lots of ways of increasing the income of your organization. The principal ones among them are sponsorships, events, grants and peer-to-peer fundraising. If you have different sources of income, you can apply to other ones when one of them doesn’t work.

For example, when the amount or frequency of your donations decreases; you can get a recovery via employing other methods.


Sponsorships allow to collaborating with reputable enterprises for getting some financial or in-kind aids. These sponsorships could be in the form of a long-term partnership or they could be in the frame of an event or campaign. By supporting you, these enterprises aim to increase their visibility and prestige in the market.

If you decide to use this method for increasing your income, the first step could be asking your board members to spread the word that you are looking for a sponsorship. Also, you can ask local enterprises related to your cause.


Besides fundraising campaigns, events are the most efficient ways of increasing your income. Direct ticket sells or donations not only allow to increase your income but also give the opportunity to mobilize your community. You can also strengthen the bonds among your supporters.


Grants are financial aids provided by the State or some institutions for helping NGOs to execute their projects. Usually, they are special to a sector, a project or an accommodation and the application process might be long and complicated. That’s why it is important to choose the best grant programs and spend your time and energy for these ones.

Individual donations

Donations are one of the most important income resources for associations. They can be small or big and you can get them via different methods.

Online donation: While in the past, you had to deliver by hand or mail your donations; today, it’s enough to enter your bank account information and click. It is even more effortless with Raklet.

Regular donations: Transfering donation process to the online platforms has another benefit. Thanks to the recurring payment feature; it makes easy to donate. Monthly donations provide you the opportunity of extending your incomes all year round and see the future with a more sound insight.

Peer-to-peer fundraising: Using this method of fundraising can expand the limits of your audience. Your supporters can find the opportunity of making more than a modest contribution. In this way, they can define their own goals and engage their friends and family networks to reach them.

You can put in place different methods according to your capabilities and opportunities. For example; while getting some income from your ticket sells of your end-of-year event, you can find a sponsor which can finance the organization.

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