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Welcome New Members to Your Community

Welcome New Members to Your Community Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you run an online community, you already know that maintaining engagement is crucial to its growth. Part of keeping your community together is ensuring a smooth onboarding process for your new members. You can improve this process with simple yet effective tips. Keep reading to find out how you can properly welcome new members to your community.

When a new member joins your community, your first priority should be to make sure that they don’t feel lost or lonely. The first step in guaranteeing this is to send a welcome letter to new members, preferably in the form of an email. However, creating the perfect welcome email can be a bit tricky, since there are a lot of things to cover. In this post, I’ll share some tips to help you welcome new members in the best possible way.

Welcome new members to your group/community

1- Start with a Personalized Greeting

When someone new joins your community, the first thing you should do is greet them with a personalized email. How you welcome new members to your group plays a huge role in retaining them for the long term. Your first encounter with newcomers should be warm and informative to**.

Sending a personal email to your new member is the first step toward making them feel valued and at home. Start your message with a friendly greeting like, “Dear …, Welcome to our group!”. Also, don’t forget to add a personalized subject line as well. When someone sees a subject line with their name, chances are your message will capture their attention better. 

2 – Confirm That They Have Become a Member 

Confirm that they have become a member

After greeting your new member with one or two sentences, let them know that they have become a member, and thank them for joining. This way, you prevent any confusion about the purpose of the email.

Then, you can mention that you’ll provide them with some basic information about the community. This part is like a very short introduction that shows the receiver what they should expect from the rest of the email. Everything you will write after this part can be listed as subtitles or bullet points to achieve a user-friendly design.

3 – Introduce Your Community

The next step you should take is to provide your new member with a comprehensive guide to your group. First, you should explain who you are and what you do as a community, and what your new member can expect to encounter.

You can leave links to useful documents, videos or posts, so that they can get a better understanding of how everything works. However, if you have too many things to share, you can send the basics now and leave the rest for weekly or monthly recurring emails. This way, you can prevent your new members from getting overwhelmed at the beginning, and sustain regular engagement with them.

4 – Tell Them What You Have to Offer

Show your members which benefits your community offers

How exactly is your community helpful for its members? A new member would want to know how they can benefit from joining the community***. This is the time where you should tell the benefits you provide your members with, which can vary according to the purpose of your community.

For instance, if you are an alumni association, you can mention features like mentorship programs, job listings, and discussion forums. Or, if you run a pilates studio, then you can mention exclusive discounts and events. The key is to show that you have nice things to offer. 

5 – Initiate Engagement

Your new member is now informed about your community and the benefits of joining. So, what’s the next step? Now, they can use a little encouragement to start to engage with the community.

You can show them the ways they can become active, such as posting on discussion boards, sending private messages to other members, or using any other tools that your group provides them with. Attaching user-friendly guides to provide them with detailed information can also be helpful.

6 – Mention Upcoming Events of Your Community

Inform your new members about the upcoming events

Another important step when you welcome new members is to let them know about upcoming events. The sooner they start participating in community events, the quicker they can adjust to the environment and become an active member of the community.

You can leave links to past and upcoming events to provide them with comprehensive information about how your events work, which one suits them the best, and how they can join. If managing your events through additional platforms is too much work for you, check out an all-in-one engagement software like Raklet!

7 – Tell Them You Are Always Ready to Help

Tell your new member that you are eager to help them with anything, and that they can reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns. Having a support system is crucial to maintain healthy relationships with your members.

You can run live sessions or initiate discussion posts where everyone can ask their questions or provide feedback about your organization. Or, if you have a support center, you can mention in your mail that they can connect with you through there.

8 – Take Things a Step Further

Schedule a one-to-one meeting with your new members

Additionally, if you want to welcome new members face-to-face, you can suggest scheduling a meeting. Getting in touch personally boosts community relationships, and helps to gain a better understanding of the ways you can help your newly joined members.

If your community is too crowded, you don’t have to meet everyone one by one. Instead, you can arrange weekly or monthly online sessions for the current new members to join. Remember that the overall state of your community is deeply affected by the happiness of each member.

Check out our blog for some other tips on managing an online community, or visit Raklet for an all-in-one engagement platform!

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