Wild Apricot vs Raklet

Regardless of the nature of your organization, managing a community and trying to make this in a durable manner requires a well-designed membership management software. Providing one solution for all your needs, Raklet is one of the most assertive solutions in your search for a Wild Apricot Alternative.

Let’s look at the reasons one by one:

User friendly

While deciding among different programs in your search for a Wild Apricot alternative, one of the most important things to consider is how much they are easy to use. As a main distinctive feature of Raklet, its ultra user-friendly interface removes the need to have a specific knowledge.

An updated database for a more efficient communication

Raklet provides a dynamic database updated by your members. Each of your contacts can review and update his/her personal information. You can send bulk or individual as well as standard or customized emails and text messages to your members via their most up-to-date contact information.

Manage your contacts via tags or lists

For an efficient communication, it’s crucial that your sendings interest your recipients. With the opportunity to categorize your contacts by tags or lists, you can personalize your recipients even more.

The easiest way to increase your organisation’s revenues: Pay with One Click!

With Raklet, you can automate the payment  process and manage to collect membership fees/donations as easy as possible both for you and for your members. Divide your time and energy for more creative projects while increasing the organization revenues!

Create, promote, and host successful events

Raklet’s well-designed event management module allows you to create private/public events and to collect the payments online. You can manage your attendee list, send email invitations, reminders, text messages and let your guests spread the word with the built-in social sharing tools.

And the private social network…

In your search for a Wild Apricot alternative, you will see that one of the most distinctive features of Raklet is the social network that it provides for your members. Strengthening the bonds between your members and creating business opportunities with connections is not difficult at all. That can be the key to the success of your organization.



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