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Event Management Platform

Raklet is a flexible and extensive event management platform fit for your needs. Plan, set up, and manage successful events from a single and easy-to-use platform. Manage all your events and related information in a single place. Sell tickets, as well as collect their fees and donations. Your members can see upcoming events on your Raklet platform without issue Automate most of your administrative tasks to set up events, and save yourself time and effort. Access all member data from a single platform, and export them easily. Send targeted emails and SMS to members to keep them updated. You can also use our membership app to keep them current on your organization. Allow them to communicate with each other about your events through Raklet’s discussion board and private messaging features.
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Event Management Platform

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Event Management Platform

Guaranteeing an Event Sponsorship in Just 3 Steps

Events are an integral part of any nonprofit. They both help strengthen your bonds with your community, and add monetary value to your organization. To get the most out of your nonprofit events, you might want to consider getting event

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