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How Can Membership Cards Increase Loyalty and Engagement?

membership cards for your community

Membership cards offer a sense of belonging to members, and are an integral part of any member organization. If created right, they can be the most effective tools to increase member loyalty and engagement. Keep reading to find out more about member cards, and how using them can improve your business.

What Are Membership Cards?

Membership cards are offered to your organization members as proof of identity. They are a great way to welcome new members into your community and make them feel like they belong. In addition to this, these cards are completely customize-able to suit your community’s brand. And with the advent of digital technology, digital cards are rapidly replacing physical membership cards.

Learn more about digital membership cards by reading one of our other blog posts. Keep reading to explore how you can use these customized member cards to increase member loyalty and engagement. 

What to Include on a Good Membership Card?

  • Company name and logo 
  • Name of the member
  • Photo of the member
  • Membership tier / number of the member
  • Membership expiration date, if applicable
  • Incorporation of brand colors for a customized look
  • QR Code / barcode for easy scanning 

These are the very basics of any good and functional membership card. There can be changes based on your organization’s field of work. Optionally, you can also include other relevant information about the member (age, gender, job title, place of residence, etc.). But this usually makes the card really cluttered, which can make it look unprofessional and messy. Try providing the bare minimum of essential information on the card, and making the rest of the data accessible through the scanning feature. This seems to be among the most optimal methods of custom member cards.

A sample membership card you can create using Raklet.
A sample membership card you can create using Raklet.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Membership Cards

1. Make Members Feel Special

When you create member cards, you provide your members a visual sense of belonging. They will feel valued, special, and unique. It also provides compactly stored member information, which eases your member process.

When you have a community with member cards, they are almost treated as exclusive organizations. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it!

Make your members feel like they're part of something exclusive with membership cards.
Make your members feel like they’re part of something exclusive with membership cards.

2. Offer Special Member Discounts

You can offer special members discounts to everyone who has a membership card. Contact and partner with some other organizations like coffee shops, restaurants, book stores, florists, etc. and ask them to be part of your discount deals. Make sure to state what they will get out of this deal beforehand as well. Something that will benefit everyone can be arranged easily. Not to mention, members will love this nice gesture and would want to be a part of your community more. Arranging a deal like this through member cards is an effective way to grow your member organization.

3. Provide a Sense of Security

Membership cards also offer security within your community. Ensure that your member events are free from unwanted visitors and have access to all the VIP areas with your community. Filter out people who are not your members as well as create an exclusive environment.

4. Exclusive Benefits

exclusive benefits with membership cards

Similar to store discounts, you can also create exclusive benefits for members within your organization. This will create a sense of need and members will eventually increase their member engagement. Product discounts, event benefits as well as coupons are a few examples you can try out.

5. Promote Your Community

Promote your community with member cards. Customized member cards are often noticed by others when used in public, whether physical or on a mobile device. This free marketing will help other curious onlookers to check out your community and the benefits of being a member.

Make sure your card design stands out to guarantee even more attention to your organization. Customize it with your logo and brand colors, and include your company name and website for easy access.

Digital Membership Cards: A Great Addition to Your Organization

Promote your community with membership cards

Digital cards are slowly replacing traditional ID cards. You can also make the switch easily with an extensive membership management software like Raklet. Grow your member community and drive positive engagement with a few simple steps through our platform.

If you are planning to set up member cards for your community, go ahead and launch your free platform today. Help your member community thrive with our extensive platform. It is worth it!

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