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How to Keep Your Member Database Always up to Date

How to Keep Your Member Database Always Up to Date

As you already know, a healthier communication is the key to the longevity of a community. And the first step of this communication is having a well designed and updated member database.

For sure, you can reserve some periods within a year for updating your member database. You can call your members one by one and try to get their latest information and keep them in an Excel sheet. But don’t you think that it is too exhausting?
We have some good news for you. You can easily assign this task to your members and enjoy an updated database.
Your members can log in your Raklet account, see their profiles and update all their information (address, phone, email, education, work…). That’s the end of the broken communications due to the missing contact info.
And what does Raklet for an updated member database is not limited with this:
  • You can send individual/ bulk emails or SMS through the system and get the reports if they are delivered, opened, clicked or downloaded. These reports will give you an idea about how much your member database is updated.
  • Your events are good occasions for updating your database. You can easily enter the latest info on your members’ profiles while the check-in process.
  • Your members can log in your Raklet account via their Facebook and Linkedin accounts as well. In this case, their profiles are updated automatically.
  • You have the possibility to bulk-update your members’ profiles. Plus, you can add custom fields which allow you to keep data which is important for your organization.
  • You can categorize your members via lists or tags based all these updated data and define your communication strategies.
  • You can always export this updated database to an Excel sheet.
Your database is on your service to begin a healthy communication with your community.

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