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What Did They Say About Raklet? – Kerkis, Teatro Antico in Scena

What Did They Say About Raklet? - Kerkis, Teatro Antico in Scena

In this post, we will explain how Raklet can increase the efficiency and revenue of your organization while reducing your workload.  Of course, it’s better to listen this experience from an organization that already uses Raklet.

So, we give the floor to one of our cultural associations who use Raklet for two years. Let’s hear it from the Italian non-profit association, Kerkis.

Italian non-profit association Kerkis

“The Italian non-profit association Kerkis. Teatro Antico In Scena (http://www.kerkis.net) has been using Raklet for two years to manage administration, promotion, and communication with members. Raklet is a very useful tool, which gives great potentiality both for an association with few members (as we were two years ago) as well as for a much larger one as we are now (thanks to Raklet!), with 5.610 members!

Raklet allows

  • to regularly send newsletters to members, also specifically to categorized groups
  • to collect membership fees and contributions online
  • to crowdfund campaigns
  • to book theater performances, events, to sell tickets online.
  • and even more…

We can manage everything easily and our members enjoy its use.

The Support Staff of Raklet is very gentle and always helpful. I strongly recommend Raklet!

Elisabetta Matelli

President of Kerkis. Teatro Antico In Scena, Milano (Italy)”

We thank you Kerkis for their support and we are very happy to contribute to their functioning.

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